"The Theory", original screenplay under development
based on Mitchell's 472 page book on reincarnation
entitled "The Intelligent LifeCycle Theory".

"Lazer Hundreds", WGA Reg. No. 1671093
original screenplay short about three
 guys who join forces to print perfect, undetectable hundred dollar bills, using their patented 'z' coordinate laser tracking system.

"AutoMates", WGA Reg. No. 1669338, original screenplay short about
entrepreneur who creates a bumper sticker freeway dating service,
and meets the woman of his dreams.  AutoMates was awarded
'Best Short Screenplay' at the 2013 Rockport Film Festival.

"The Telco Wars", WGA Reg. No. 069374
original screenplay follows the struggle
between telecoms in the early twenty hundreds,
and the massive fraud and corruption that ensued.

"White Powder, Dirty Money", WGA Reg.No. 1665053, Film Festival Awards
2013 Nevada International Film Festival  &  2014 International Beverly Hills Film Festival